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Cannes: Digital Revolution Makes Big Impact on Indie Markets

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Source: Gregg Goldstein,

With advances in digital technology, the buying, selling, financing and marketing of Cannes films has never been faster or easier — but also, in many ways, never more complicated. And this year’s attendees seem most excited about new digital access to information, analytics, dealmaking tools and online screening technology.

In the Cannes Market’s just-relaunched Cinando app, buyers have info on more than 30,000 films and 40,000 execs on their iPhones and Androids, even offline. “Lists of people you want to meet, films you want to see, companies you’re meeting with and notes on them synchronize with your account when you connect to wi-fi,” says Cinando and Market exec director Jerome Paillard.

Improvements in secure screening links are also changing the way attendees do business.

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Chinese, Canadian Companies Launch $200 Million Film Fund

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Source: Patrick Frater,

Chinese and English-language versions of “Turandot” are set to be the first two movies produced through a new partnership between Canada’s Stratagem Entertainment and Chengdu Tianyin Culture Communication Co. (CTCCC). The relationship also involves the establishment of a $200 million production fund, expected to back a slate of six to eight films over a five-year period.

The deal is in addition and separate to Stratagem’s recently hatched $800 million deal with China Film Group, New Zealand’s Huhu Studios and China Film Co-Production Corp.

CTCCC is a state-owned enterprise backed by the Chengdu city authorities, Sichuan Province and the Old Silk Road Investment Fund.

The Turandot films are based on the legend of Turan-Dokht, written by Haft-Peykar, in which a determined prince has to solve three deadly riddles in order to marry a disdainful princess. It was previously adapted as an opera by Giacomo Puccini.

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Paradym shift 2015 Digital Distribution Revolution

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Source: Raugust Communications

The year 2014 was a landmark one in the rise of digital distribution as a viable means of supporting a licensed entertainment property.

First, studios and property owners began forging deals to distribute archival content online. Scholastic signed with Netflix, the Jim Henson Company with Hulu Kids, Disney with Tencent in China, and Saban with LOVEFiLM in Europe, while IMPS launched a dedicated Smurfs YouTube channel, to name a few. These platforms offer another venue for consumers to discover and enjoy the properties and keep them alive beyond the original broadcast.

Content providers then began to produce original series based on existing franchises. Netflix, for example, is launching series inspired by Ever After High from Mattel, Dinotrux from DreamWorks, Popples from Saban, King Kong from 41 Entertainment, JustinTimefrom Guru Studios, and Winx Club from Rainbow. While the new properties are digital-only, their roots in traditional media or products help draw viewers.

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The face of change: European Commission Announces Digital Single Market Plan

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Source: Pat Saperstein,

The European Commission announced 16 steps Wednesday to help Europe embrace the digital revolution and open up more digital opportunities for businesses. Though the commission has assured that the single market will not mean the end of selling territory-by-territory or of window holdbacks, many film and television business observers continue to question what effects the plan will have on their business.

“The aim of the Digital Single Market is to tear down regulatory walls and finally move from 28 national markets to a single one,” said the commission’s announcement, which it says could contribute $471 billion to the region’s economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Read More

Licensing Entertainment: Strategies for the Global Marketplace

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Licensing Entertainment: Strategies for the Global Marketplace

LIMA_logoLicensing is an integral strategy in the marketing and monetizing process of an entertainment property. Learn what it takes to fully leverage an entertainment property across channels of distribution, locations, and media platforms. For professionals who have a fundamental understanding of licensing, I am instructing alongside a select number of the industry’s top professionals to deliver a definitive course on how to license entertainment properties in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

Ken Markman will be the Instructor with featured speakers including:

  • Elie Dekel (Saban Brands)
  • George Leon & Greg Economos (Sony Pictures Consumer Products)
  • Henry Stupp (The Cherokee Group)
  • Tim Kilpin (Mattel)
  • Russell Binder (Striker Entertainment)
  • Howard Ballon (Networked Insights)
  • Jim McCafferty (JMP Creative)
  • Fred Fierst (Fierst, Kane & Bloomberg LLP)
  • Dan Romanelli

The course is presented in association with LIMA, the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association, the leading trade organization for the global licensing industry. LIMA’s mission is to foster the growth and expansion of licensing around the world, raise the level of professionalism for licensing practitioners, and create greater awareness of the benefits of licensing to the business community at large.

The early registration discount expires on Dec 6th!

For more information visit: