Virtual Reality. Hmm. A sexy topic. It plays to so many mindsets and lifestyles. From Geeks to Gamers and Content creators to Consumers seeking extreme behavior in a safe zone.

Virtually, something for everyone.

Businesses and brands are not left out of this conversation. Especially those seeking to augment the experiential thrill of a promise or the demonstration of a benefit. Categories from real estate to automotive have set up camp on the boarder of this technology, awaiting usage and delivery applications to catch up with the visual candy being offered.

The one category, yet to be fully immersed  into the conversation is medicine. While google and others are developing health-care technology platforms…what might VR mean to patient education, doctor diagnosis and shared data?

As Jane Mcgonigal talks about the gamers collaborating for the Greater Good, I would urge all of us to think about how this new reality may apply to the new normal.



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