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Two developing paradigms: Digital distribution & China. The ultimate epic WOW?

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The advent of digital distribution impacts myriad issues and (maybe) real opportunities for licensing agents, marketers and IP protectors.

These four recent articles* provide a compelling overview of where we are in the realm of digital distribution and its IMPACT on the EU and the future of content and consumerism in China.

Paradym shift 2015 Digital Distribution Revolution

Digital distribution, in the EU will have a profound and powerful impact upon content owners. It will be the nightmare of licensing agents attempting to bring economy of scale to production, distribution and scalable revenue models.

The face of change: European Commission Announces Digital Single Market Plan

While viewership may be marginalized/fragmented, it plays to a powerful constituency of “common likes” vs. demographics but are either sustainable?

Cannes: Digital Revolution Makes Big Impact on Indie Markets

Finally, China production, this is yet another piece in a long series of commentary driven by anticipation; bets being placed on a global gambling content play.

Chinese, Canadian Companies Launch $200 Million Film Fund

The question is this: How should we view China? Is it the next frontier? Is it really an emerging and potent market with sustainable infra-structures and unencumbered supply chains? Are we the benefactors of the results? Or, are we going to be redundant and replaced by what we desire from their results and our participation?

As China drills into our practices, our models will either be replicated or replaced by them… China has the potential of becoming a totally vertical and insulated black hole: From creating content, to its distribution (in the broadest sense of the term) and from retailing (locally and globally) to manufacturing and ultimately licensing, all leading to creating their own IP, trademarks, franchises and brand businesses. That’s powerful.

Or are we giving too much credit away and NOT really acknowledging the origin of opportunity: Self expression and innovation?

Stay tuned.

*Articles courtesy of ken markman, 2015-2016 LIMA/UCLAx Reader: Licensing entertainment, strategies for the global marketplace.

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